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Summer Academies


Summer academies offer an excellent way to make new friends, improve confidence and boost learning before the move to secondary in September. Exploring their new school without the presence of other students and experiencing teaching at secondary level gives your child a head start at the beginning of the Autumn term.

Teach Perfect's Programme

Teach Perfect’s programme combines KS3 maths, science and English activities in a fun and engaging mission to save civilisation from an extinction level event.

Students will work in teams to investigate and solve problems, researching scientific theories and applying logic and creativity to produce a solution to the threat of a deadly virus. They will be challenged to become:

  • Independent enquirers

  • Team workers

  • Creative thinkers

  • Self managers

  • Reflective learners

  • Effective participants


All participants on Teach Perfect summer camps will be given a resource folder enabling them to plan activities, record research notes and complete the final task. 

Sessions run from 9am to 4pm and are held at local secondary schools over two consecutive days at a cost of £35 per child per day. In order to gain the most from the experience, students should book a session at the secondary school they will be attending in the Autumn term of year 7.

Students should bring sufficient food and drink with them each day as no facilities will be available at the venue.

Course overview


day_one.png .

Surviving the collapse

Finding a safe haven – locate the safe room for the next two days' activities by solving maths problems.

Reporting the problems – let the world know what has happened with engaging and effective news reporting.

Investigating the problem and finding a cure – research cell mutations, pathogens, viruses and vaccinations in a desperate attempt to halt the spread of the virus.

Global action – draft a stirring speech to galvanise the world into action.



Creating a new world

Human needs and wants – research the keystones of civilised society:

1.  Sanitation and clean water provision

2.  Food cultivation

3.  Generating energy

4.  Establishing the rules for living together

Creating the handbook – design and create a handbook for surviving an apocalyptic event combining the skills and research of the two day course.


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