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Private tuition by experienced and trained teachers.


Teach Perfect offers bespoke tuition delivered by experienced tutors both in the Poole area and across the UK – sessions which address areas of weakness and provide support to extend skills. 

Why use a private tutor?

Increasing class sizes and mounting pressures on teachers, means less individual time for pupils. Children too are under constant pressure from regular assessments and national examinations. For this reason, as a parent, you may feel that (no matter how good or dedicated your child's teacher is) your child either isn't being adequately supported or challenged.

The curriculum is covered rapidly and some children may not grasp every aspect of a topic before it's time to move on. Without fully understanding the basics, learning becomes increasingly difficult.

Students who are not sufficiently challenged may fail to reach their full potential, limiting life opportunities when they are competing for jobs.

​If this is how you feel, then a good tutor could be the answer. With private tuition, your child will be given one to one attention, giving them the opportunity to ask questions and focus on specific areas they may need help with.

​A good tutor will be able to quickly identify areas of concern for a pupil and suggest ways in which they can improve. By planning lessons in a fun and non-threatening environment, your child's understanding will improve and their confidence will be given a much needed boost.


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